Wildwood Smokehouse


We use only the best cuts of meat for our BBQ platters. We slowly smoke at 210 degrees in our BBQ Pits using hickory from Bent Mountain. Top Butts are smoked from 14 to 16 hours, before we pull it from the bone. Beef Brisket is smoked from 8 to 10 hours before it is ready to be sliced. We smoke whole chickens for 5 hours before they are ready to be pulled from the bone. We serve no meat before its time; slow smoking makes our meat flavorful, tender and moist.


Pulled Pork Platter

Choice pork slowly smoked over hickory logs. Then we top it with our special BBQ sauce.


Beef Brisket Platter

Beef brisket smoked to perfection. Hand sliced with our special
BBQ sauce served on the side.


Pulled Chicken Platter

Hickory smoked chicken pulled from the bone and topped with our BBQ sauce.


Smoked Ham Platter

Hickory smoked ham served with two sides.